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Almost perfect illusion
Show - Around 800 fans at the Big Box Experience a prima Michael Jackson impersonator
The famous white glove, the socks and flashing to the legendary Moonwalk: In "Billie Jean" had done it to the audiences in the Big Box Allgäu. Applause surged, and many considered it no longer on the seats. "She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene," whispered the pretty Michael Jackson Double Sullivan Tejai into the microphone, and embodied the illusion to the "King of Pop" at this moment is nearly perfect.
Almost perfect illusion

Although managed the stage show in the U.S. is not the Big Box to fill even half. After all, roughly 800 spectators, the grandson to the grandmother, treated themselves to the New Year's pleasure, "Jacko - A Tribute to Michael Jackson."

The musicians, dancers and background singers succeeded in live performances bring a touch of respectability to the magic of world tours, "Bad" and "Dangerous" on stage. Sullivan, who had gone out at a casting as the best Jackson-Double, captivated the audience with authentic performance and a voice that comes pretty close to the original. And in all the emotional state: from the feverish aggressiveness of a "Beat it" up to the cuddly softness of a "Liberian Girl".

The "Jacko" impersonator had the difficult task, a Allgäuer initially hesitant to draw audiences in its spell. But the obligatory "I love you"-as assurances were not sufficient. And so it was a successful gambit, a bewildered spectator get to the stage to sing for the preppy blonde and adopt it with Rose. At least now the Jackson impersonator was allowed to enjoy its fiery "I love you" cries from the audience.

Disappeared without addition

"The spirit of Michael Jackson is here tonight (The Spirit of Michael Jackson is here tonight)," announced in a sonorous voice of the singers that he chased Rodney Moore, and probably as many viewers a pleasant shiver down the spine. Not only the spirit of the late superstar, even scary creatures give a rendezvous in Kempten. Zombies, without going into the "Thriller" show nothing, and Michael Jackson to an unprecedented record helped: "Thriller" is after the best-selling music album of all time. Just a pity that the "cloned Jacko" along with his crew, so suddenly disappeared from the stage. At least the public deserves an encore. And if it's just a small "Moonwalk," a weightless moon walk would have been.