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Balingen - Michael Jackson Tribute: The "King of Pop" lived

Palpitation is announced: For Petra Putz from Böhringen Jacko is singing "She's Out Of My Life." Photo: Üblacker

Balingen - He was one of the greatest musicians in pop history: Michael Jackson. His music and his style is unforgettable. The Musical 'Jacko - A Tribute to Michael Jackson "in Balingen Exhibition Hall on Saturday was the" King of Pop to rise "for two and a half hours and hit the hearts of his fans later.

"Only a few more minutes" until about the show, informs a manager of Michael Jackson Backstage in rehearsed video. The camera pans to the stage. It is dark in the room. Suddenly a brilliant light, and out of nowhere he stands: In a white shirt, black trousers and welcomed with open arms of the "King of Pop," his audience.

The striking similarity between the actors Tej'ai Sullivan. Externally, as well as in their facial expressions and movement. But even more important is his voice, which herankommt very close to that of Jacko.

Two and a half hour show

And he starts equally correct. From the first song on there is no doubt about the feeling: Michael Jackson is on this evening in Balingen. With "Jam" starts the program. What follows is a perfect show, with spectacular lighting effects, carefully selected video recordings, various costumes, and sweeping dance choreography.

All the songs are sung live. In his performances Tej'ai is a four-man band, supports two background singers and four dancers. It is a fireworks display of hits, the down upon the audience. Unvergessene international successes such as "Man in the Mirror," "Remember The Time," "Black or White," "Beat It," "Want to Be Starting Something" and "Billie Jean, "one hears. Impressive manages the masquerade "with the dancing zombies in the superhit" Thriller.

Fans tore it from their chairs

Of course, the legendary "Moonwalk" should not be missed, which was enthusiastically applauded by the audience. Palpitation is also the day: Petra Putz from Böhringen is, as she herself says, the evening never forget: "When I was suddenly invited on stage, I was" very excited, she says. Michael Jackson aka Tej'ai Sullivan takes her hand and sings to them alone, "She's Out Of My Life."

Toward the end of the show, it breaks with the fans from their seats - they sing and dance. Then it's over: how abruptly as Jacko had entered the stage, is also his departure after the brilliant finale: In a fog, and with a "I love you" on his lips, he is gone. What remains is a great show and the memory of a unique artist and his memorable hits.

By Michael Üblacker