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U.S. show performed in the Lipperlandhalle
Jacko - A Tribute To Michael Jackson

Lemgo. He was one of the greatest musicians in pop history: Michael Jackson - the "King of Pop". Incredible 750 million records sold, including with "Thriller" the best-selling album in music history. The most successful concert series with a total of 504,000 visitors at London's Wembley Stadium was held in 1988. Michael Jackson embodied the American dream like no other.


1958 in Gary, Indiana, was born, he grew up with his siblings in poverty and rose later in the Olympus of the pop-up business. For millions of people around the world, he was through his music and his infectious dance choreography - which of course the legendary moonwalk must inevitably become the greatest idol of all time.

In 1972 he was with the album "Ben" and the same song a No. 1 hit in the U.S. charts.
Now that Jacko did show now at the station in Lemgo Lipperlandhalle. The nearly two-hour performance was a musical tribute to the superstar, who approached each other with respect to his musical heritage. Based on the "BAD" world tour of 1987 and the equally gigantic "Dangerous" World Tour 1992 presented four fantastic dancer, a background singer, a background singer, and a four-piece live band the star of the evening.

Thunderstorm lightning flashed through the stage. The curtain fell and the fog was in fantastic costumes of the "King of Pop", which is one of the world's best-known Michael Jackson and actor embodies. Tej'ai Sullivan was the "Michael Jackson United Nation International Fan Club" elected "New King of Pop" and is in the context of talent shows and concerts around the world have already occurred. He imitates his example for over twenty years to present to the smallest detail, and understood it perfectly well that evening, the gestures, facial expressions and dancing skills of young Michael Jacksen on stage. Much more important than his superficial similarities, however, was his distinctive voice, which herankommt very close to that of Jacko.

The whole show about tribute, he sang all the songs like "Billie Jean" "Human Nature," "Beat It" or "Black or White" live and not playback, so take the Lemgoer audience by his voice and invited to sing along was. Even the legendary Moonwalk Tej'ai Sullivan ruled properly and led him on several occasions prior to his performances. Even songs by the young Jacko, as a member of the Jackson 5 were played. In the song "Heal the World" was a giant globe in the background and "Thriller" Zombies suddenly appeared even coffins, which were on the right and left edge of the stage.

For the complete authentic choreography of the tribute show was no less than Mic Thompson, who was eight years working as a choreographer for Michael Jackson, who is responsible. This was conveyed to the audience the feeling of being on a real show of 'King of Pop "with an impressive light show, and sweeping dance choreography here too.

Michael Jackson himself Mic Thompson had as his 'White Shadow', since this was dancing like a shadow to his right or left side.

Since December 2009 this show is already in Germany, Italy and Hungary on tour. In the next few days they will be also able to experience in Denmark or Switzerland.

Finally Lemgoer the audience in the dark empty stage, only the legendary Jacko-hat on a microphone stand was illuminated by a light mockery. Jacko will remain through his music never be forgotten by his fans for all time.

Text / Photo (s): Andreas liver (al), Lemgo