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When you have a venue like Red Rocks and your goal is to pack it to standing room only and you want to pay tribute to someone what do you do? If you are Sam Safarian from KBDI Channel 12 Public Broadcast Television you take that challenge and bring in non other than The Ultimate Thriller.

Friday night Red Rocks turned into a packed house full of some of the Michael Jackson outfits worn by ages 3 on up to 35. The Ultimate Thriller (TUT) brought a full entourage of backup singers, dancers musicians and of course Michael Jackson performed by Tej'ai Sullivan. The King of Pop took the stage and presented a concert that was like no other. The fog machines started at 8 pm. creating the atmosphere and sent the crowd into a uproar. The dancers came out and took their positions. The band was in place and then from a 10' back stage appeared Michael (Tej'ai Sullivan). Standing high on top of the stage and overlooking the crowd, the applause lasted for about 5 minutes. The Ultimate Thriller had made its way to Red Rocks and the energy lasted for over 2 ½ hours.

TUT introduced the younger audience members to the beginning days of Michael Jackson. When Michael sang with his older brothers in a group called The Jackson 5 to the days of Thriller and everything in between . Tej'ai Sullivan even sang a special Happy Birthday to a young lady who was very shocked as she was picked out of the crowd and brought on stage. She then got to sit up on stage while he sang She's Out of My Life and at the end was presented a red rose. Something this young lady will cherish for a lifetime. But Tej'ai Sullivan also included younger audience members as 19 children got to perform with the dancers to We Are The World. These talented children went backstage at intermission and had to learn the routine in 10 minutes and then perform to a sold out audience! How did they do you might ask? They were phenomenal said the dancers and Tej'ai Sullivan. They had pressure and they overcame that pressure and wowed the crowd.

And a concert would not be complete without the song Thriller. The looks on the faces in the crowd when the coffins opened and the monsters arose from the “graves” was a thriller in itself. It was perfect timing too with Mother Nature. As the coffins opened a few clouds crept across the night sky and covered the moon to create a even more eerie feeling.

es Sam had brought in the Thriller and TUT which left the crowd wanting more. For more info on upcoming concerts that are sure to bring excitement to any age, go to For more pictures of TUT and the night at Red Rocks log onto

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